White Rabbits and Creative Play.

I’ve been willingly falling down rabbit holes and following curiosities on a quest to find my small piece of peace in wonderland.
I’m remembering what I once studied and the things that interested me when I was young; art, design, crafting, creating, healing, mending, connection and language. I even studied some in ‘formal’ education and got actual certificates.

This made me reflect to my previous post and question the difference between what I wanted and what I needed. I need food, shelter and love. I need to change positive thought into positive action.

I am trying to do this with the only resources I have control of. My space-time-energy-love. I am realising that everything else, including the sparkles, are collective and could be shared.

It’s all growing into thoughts of a way to possibly materialise some of my beliefs and make them physical. A way to spread a little love and happiness.

A way to join the fight to upcycle some of the tonnes of unwanted ‘shit’ we under-value, disregard and throw away every day. A way to heal something broken and turn it into something that is loved. A way to be more appreciative of my life in my ‘work’ and turn negative energy into positive energy.

Playing with ideas of ‘foraged fancy dress’, workshops and a festival mending tent. A travelling tinker-gypsy vibe. All within the philosophical principles of the ‘Burning Man’ movement and of ‘ephemeralization’.
In Buckminster Fuller’s words “ephemeralization is progressively accomplishing more with less”. To get better and better at using materials in more sophisticated ways, so we need less and less quantity of materials. Sounds like a good plan to me.


I’m being a more confident, happy, productive little bio-bot and trying to remember to make time for yoga, fresh veggies, sunshine and friends. I’m more and more avoiding unnecessary ‘waste’, made up of clothes, greed and bullshit.

The recklessly wasteful ‘single-use plastic bag-baggage’ that’s created through my insecurities, driven deeper into my psyche by advertising and ultimately ends up in landfill or the ocean, and instead just enjoy life.

I learning to appreciate more and live with less.

To be a space-time-energy-love tinker.

That is my next travel/love/life adventure and anyone is welcome to join.


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